Undying Memories;
You look at me and you can't see me

Arya Stark appreciation week  → day 3: favorite relationship

with Jon.


You don’t have to wake up… but open your eyes.

This is the age of miracles.



all of time and space, everything that ever happened, or ever will. where do you want to start?

[On auditioning during pilot season in Los Angeles] It was great because I never had a gap year or anything like that. You’d get a pilot that was set in a 1930s jazz bar and you’d go off and just look into that for a day, even if it wasn’t a part you’d get in a million years; I enjoyed the process and just reading different scripts. I came back to England a lot more fearless. [x]

goodbye, clara.
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Stories worth being told is all that you have left of us in the end. It saddens me to know you're alone Doctor, which you should never be.